Tai-Chi Class

About Tai-Chi 

Tai-Chi is a mind body practice that originated in China as a martial art. A person doing Tai-Chi moves his body slowly and gently, while breathing deeply and meditating. Practitioners believe that this breathing and meditation have many benefits, such as: massaging the internal organs, aiding the exchange of gases in the lungs, helping the digestive system work better, increasing calmness and awareness, and improving balance.

About the Instructor

Dr. Xiaohong Du is an Associate Professor from Beijing Normal University, and a Master Instructor. Professor Du began to learn and practice Chinese Wushu (Martial Arts) at 8 years old. She practices Taiji quan, Taiji Sword, Chang quan, Shaolin quan, Nan quan, Xingyi quan, Sword fighting, and Spear fighting among others. She won the Northern China college Wushu Competition and has gained the first-class athletes on Wushu in China. And now she is the director of Wushu Department of College of Sports and Physical Education, and the President of Wushu Association in Beijing Normal University. Dr Du has over 32 years experience training and teaching Tai-Chi and Wushu in China. Dr Du's research is about Chinese traditional culture, Wushu, Chinese traditional exercises, Chinese TaiJi and the body Aesthetics , sports and the self-concept. She has directed some important research in China, and has published several papers.