Chinese Myths and Folk Stories

There was a love story that moved the heavens called The Cowherd and Weaver Girl. Chinese people still celebrate their love every year on the 7th day of July of the Lunar calendar. In another story called Ne Zha there was a little kid who shattered the Dragon’s palace and sacrificed himself for his townspeople. He was reborn and made a child-general of the heavens, a hero of every Chinese child. Do you know the immortal lady who resides on the moon for eternity, and whose name is the name for the Chinese Spacecraft that is planned to land on the moon? Come and join this course on Chinese Myths and Folk Stories, you will find many links between the past and the present and fall in love with the myths and legends that have been told for thousands of years.

Time: Thursdays, October 8 -29, 5:15 - 6:30 pm

Place: OU Confucius Institute (108 4th Street, Cross Center A, Buchanan House, 3rd Floor)

Instructor: Ms. Xiaoying Xu

                    Ms. Yao Li

Fees: $30 for registration.

Note: Classroom may change depending on the number of registered students

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