Chinese Etiquette

Do you know the proper table manners at a Chinese banquet? How to compliment a Chinese person and not be surprised when you don’t hear the usual ‘thank you’? For thousands of years Chinese scholars have focused on the mastery of six guiding principles: 诗(shī),书(shū),礼(),乐(yuè),易(),春秋(chūnqiū). , which means etiquette, has long been valued by Chinese culture. Learning Chinese etiquette offers you insight into a world of fascinating and revealing facts about Chinese people and culture. In this course, you will learn Table Manners in a Chinese cultural setting, how to stay clear of taboos in Chinese culture, and other polite etiquettee.

Time: No Class this Summer. Check back in the fall!

Place: OUCI (108 4th Street, Cross Center A, Buchanan House, 3rd Floor)

Instructor: Xiaoying Xu

Course Fees: $30

Note: Classroom may change depending on the number of registered students

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